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Elizabeth Hartin

This team came together from two ends of the earth to unite for the same goal and dream of making their passion in their life their lifestyle: HORSES.

Elizabeth Hartin was born in St. Louis, MO as the eldest of seven children in her family. Growing up she lived to head out to the barn where her mother boarded one horse so she could ride the flea-bitten gray pony. As a determined child… her mother found it very difficult, even then, to get her off that pony. Elizabeth got an extra dose of her mother’s love for horses in the genetics. It was her mom’s constant love and hard work that has enabled Elizabeth to get to where she is today with horses.

Around the age of 12 Elizabeth and her mom convinced the Clark family to move out to Wentzville, where conveniently there was a small farm with horses just across the way. After getting kicked, bucked off and bitten by the adopted mustangs across the way her dad was finally convinced to purchase Yo-Yo a 16 year old all-around American Quarter Horse. After many fun shows with good old Yo-Yo Elizabeth became interested in rodeo and speed events. Trudy and Shiloh were her mounts for Youth Rodeos and NBHA events such as the State and World Championships that pennies were saved to attend. Pregnant mom and four of the kiddos including Elizabeth hit the road showing and competing through her High School years.

Soon she was off to college where she attained a Bachelors of Science in Education. After spending some time in the classroom Elizabeth was given the great opportunity to go work for Mike Tuley a reining and pleasure horse trainer in northern Missouri. It was there that Elizabeth fell in love with horse training. Mike and Marcia Tuley gave Elizabeth the reality of the horse business and a great foundation before she headed off to Texas. She was on Cloud 9 as she packed her bags and headed out the Carol Rose’s Ranch in Gainesville, Texas. There she would continue her learning while showing a very talented reining horse “Elans Stargate” that was owned by Gloria Bahn. Although her string of horses was not the best on the ranch, it was at Carol’s that Elizabeth was able to ride some of the most talented horses she had ever experienced. Then a horse they called “Pam” was added to her string of horses. An older broodmare that needed fitting up… well it was this broodmare that hooked Elizabeth on what is now her passion in life… CUTTING!!!

Not long after barely hanging on while “Pam” worked a cow… Elizabeth was given the opportunity to go work for the 2005 NCHA Futurity Champion Tommy Marvin in Oklahoma. Again, Elizabeth experienced some of the most talented horses in the business at the Marvin Ranch. She was given the opportunity to work 2 year olds on cattle with the help and guidance of Tommy Marvin and even show a few cutters along the way thanks to the generous customers of the Marvin Ranch. It was there that Elizabeth met Joe… the love of her life. There was one thing for sure that they shared and it was a crazy passion for horses… a passion so strong that Elizabeth was certain she would never find anyone that understood… well until she met Joe. The pair was a team from day one!

After working for Tommy the pair headed down to Alabama to start and work 2 year olds for James and Gail Hooper. After only working for a month Elizabeth was in a very bad accident that left her with 16 pins and plates in her hip and a fear that she may not ride again. Well ride again she did… and before she was even released to walk. By the grace of God, Elizabeth was released by her surgeons to return to normal activities and life which included riding and showing cutting horses. As she eased back into riding, she went back to teaching for the nine month school year in a fourth grade classroom. While teaching she continued to ride her and her mom’s three cutting horses… SR Little Jerry, Smart Lenas Queenie and Peps Royal Roan. Teaching filled a spot in her heart, but did not fulfil the dream she was determined to reach. After praying and many other events Joe and Elizabeth established Aussie Flare Performance Horses and moved to a beautiful ranch in Belle, MO where there is always a place to ride and cattle to work.

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